Breaking Out The Van

Your team will have to find the right substance that Mike created. The Escape Room is full of original riddles and challenges. It's setting is an old Caravan that Mike took on his roadtrip through New Mexico. Game available in English.

Escape Room
60 min
2-5 players
4 = optimal
90€ - 100€/game

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Mike on the ground

Breaking Out The Bag

Looking for an orginal way to give your gift? Make sure the receiver has a great time getting it out of the box. Before it will open, 5 riddles need to be solved. There is an online hint system to assist the player in his/her quest. The game is resuable. After playing a new present can be hidden in the bag and it can be passed on the next lucky player. The Bag is available in English and Dutch.

  • A gift like The Bag
  • Soon will become an adventure
  • In the hands of the receiver
  • Many can play it
  • Over and over again
  • Very nice to wrap :
  •   Love letters,
  •   Announcements or
  •   Wedding gifts
Escape surprise (Single orders)
20-60 min
1-2 players
35€ / 42$
Free Pickup
Premium Shipping UK 16€
Premium Shipping US 35$
Budget Shipping UK 12€

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Example Bag